Salba Nos Lora


“Protecting Parrots on Bonaire”

Trees for Loras

Since 2009 Fundashon Salba Nos Lora is planting native fruit bearing trees. In this way the foundation shows understanding for people who feel annoyed by  Loras which eat from their fruit trees. By enriching the nature areas with native fruit trees the foundation tries to keep the Lora in nature. If this example will be widely followed, the Loras don’t have to search for food in fruit trees on kunukus (country side) or in the gardens of residential areas.

Salba Nos Lora chooses the trees and the spots for planting trees with care:

• of course Loras must occur in the vicinity;

• the young trees should receive protection against donkeys and goats;

• during the first year the trees get water in the dry season;

• the location should be accessible to visitors;

• the trees must be indigenous;

• must be satisfied with little water;

• prefer to bear fruit in the dry season.

The trees that meet these requirements are: gourd, wayaka, watakeli, kibrahacha, pal'i sia, taki, oliba, pal'i pretu and pal’i Lora. Salba Nos Lora calls on all residents of Bonaire to plant these trees or donate a tree.

The foundation has been planting the following:

• 30 trees in the botanical garden 'Tera Bara' in Tras Montaña (2009);

• 100 trees along the "Kaya di Lora" in the open air museum of Mangazina di Rei (2009);

• There are plans for planting around the new secundary school Liseo Boneriano (2012).

Planting trees