Salba Nos Lora


“Protecting Parrots on Bonaire”

Plant a tree

                                                Lora's search for food in nature. They eat flowers, fruits

                                                or seeds of native trees. Also do they like the flesh of the    

                                                cactus. But especially during the dry season, Lora's difficult. They do not take much more food in nature and go to the residential areas in the gardens to meet their food to scavenge. Not everyone is happy.

To Lora's help to survive in nature, plant Salba Nos Lora native fruit bearing trees. We do this with other environmental organizations on Bonaire.

You can help by Lora also a fruit tree in your yard to set. Below are a list of trees and shrubs that are suitable for planting and tips.

How do I plant a tree?

• Make a large hole of at least 60 x 60 x 60 cm.

• Mix at least 20 pounds of well-rotted manure through the soil in the planting hole.

• Place the tree and possibly a support pole.

• Ensure that goats and donkeys can not get to the tree.

• Help the tree for two years by removing weeds and occasional watering.

Native fruit bearing trees