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In periods of prolonged drought it is particularly difficult for the Lora’s to find sufficient food in natural areas. Historic logging, stray goats and donkeys eat away young plants and have caused the natural vegetation on our island to become very impoverished. The non-stop building works and reckless 'cleaning' of land contributes to the deterioration of our nature. Therefore Lora's, and other birds, are searching for food in gardens or yards and kunuku's. In those places there are often fruit trees or other plants that Lora's like. That is why the Fundashon Salba Nos Lora is actively planting native fruit bearing trees.

If you want to give Lora's a helping hand in finding food and like to see Lora’s in your area, you can make a feeding table for them. The other birds will also be grateful to you. Here are some tips from the Fundashon Salba Nos Lora to make your feeding table a success.

•A simple feeding table consists of a wooden plate on a stem. It is convenient to make a raised edge to all sides to prevent the food from falling off.

•Place the feeding table as high as possible, so the Lora's will discover it easier. Make sure you have good access for cleaning and placing new food. A feeding table low to the ground may attract iguanas and lizards that may eat the food before the birds have a chance.

•Make sure there is no shelter for cats around the table.

•Clean the feeding table feeding regularly and remove rotting fruit and the like.

•Also provide water in a (heavy) dish. Some birds love to bathe, so the bowl may need topping up.

•Lora's love fruit, especially mangoes. Halve the fruit to increase its stability.

•Finally: if you start to feed, then keep doing that until the rainy season has begun and nature again offers enough food.

What can I feed the Lora's?

• Particularly many fruit and vegetables.

• Suitable vegetables are: carrots, broccoli, kalalu, komkomber chicki, pampuna and pampuna seeds.

• Suitable fruits are: tamarind, appelsina, kenepa, kashu Surinam, chimaruku, mango, noni, appeldam, apple , medlar, sea grape, almond, coconut pulp, mandarin, bacoba, kalbas and makapruim.

• The best is a mixture of various vegetables and fruits. Lora's appetites also beans, nuts, brown bread, dog biscuits or cat food kibbles. The advantage of kibbles is that they do not spoil easily.

• Seeds, such as sunflower seeds, are also fine.

Never give the Lora's avocado, chocolate or guacamole. That causes disease.

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A feeding table for the Lora’s