Salba Nos Lora


“Protecting Parrots on Bonaire”

Chain of Office

Since October 10, 2010 Bonaire is a public entity. A special municipality of the Netherlands. All mayors in the Netherlands wear a chain of office. That's part of the public function. On Bonaire, the mayor is called Lieutenant Governor. And since October 2010, the Lieutenant Governor wears also a chain of office. Amazingly, besides the escutcheon of Bonaire on the chain of office the Lora occupies an important place. Bonaire is still known as the Flamingo Island. According to Perrier Diede, the designer of the jewelry, the Lora is more special than the flamingo. Diede: "The Lora occurs almost nowhere else than on Bonaire. I have therefore chosen for the Amazona barbadensis.” Obviously the Fundashon Salba Nos Lora is proud that the Lora has acquired this prominent place on the chain of office. The people of Bonaire have taken the Lora in their hearts!

Lora in our hearts