Salba Nos Lora


“Protecting Parrots on Bonaire”

Awareness campaigns

In 2002 an amnesty was held where all captive Loras were ringed and registered. Over 600 captive parrots were registered, at a time when the wild population was estimated to be around 400 birds. Now people with an un-rung bird face prosecution and the confiscation of the bird.

Running alongside the registration campaign of pet birds, and yearly since that time, have been awareness campaigns. Salba Nos Lora conducts a yearly campaign during the breeding season. The awareness campaign generally includes several of the following: posters, stickers, school visits, song and dance, as well as newspaper and radio coverage, newspaper advertisements, columns, radio and TV commercials all of which reinforce the parrot’s protected status and to encourage a sense of pride for the Lora.

Awareness campaigns are not, however, a simple one time approach. In order to ensure a change in public opinion campaigns must be sustained over many years.

The message of the campaigns of recent years is:

o We are proud of the nature of Bonaire.

o The Lora belongs in the nature.

o We will not tolerate infringement of the rules.

o Violators will be severely punished.

Annual campaign

    2009 Art Competition            2010 Campaign Poster

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